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What you need to know before buying outdoor lighting

Buying new outdoor lights for your garden or patio may seem like an easy job. However, it is important to make sure you are buying a product with the right specifications to avoid trouble in the future.

IP Class

When you are buying outdoor lights, the lights need a specific IP class. This IP class tells you where you can use your lights. The IP class tells you in which way the light is protected against water and dust. The higher the IP class, the higher the protection. For lights that will get wet during rain or snow, we suggest an IP class of IP65 or higher.

The right colour

When you are buying outdoor lights, you don’t want the light colour to be blue. To make sure what colour you are buying, you can find a colour code op the package. This colour code is measured in K (Kelvin). 1.000K is orange and 10.000K is blue. For indoor lighting, 2.700K is a common light colour. Office lighting usually has 4.000K lighting. Daylight colour is close to 6.000K. If you are looking for a warm and good-looking colour for outdoor lighting, you may have to look for lighting around 3.000K.

Dimmable lighting

Before buying outdoor lighting, make sure if you want the lights to be dimmable. When you can change the bulb yourself, you can always insert a dimmable bulb. But for some lights it is not possible to change the bulb because there is some sort of LED chip inside. In this case, you need to make sure the light has a dimming feature. Also, when you installed your dimmable outdoor lights, make sure you buy a LED dimmer. A conventional dimmer is not capable of dimming modern LED lighting.

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