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Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas

The patio is where the social gatherings happen. This is the place where you and your loved ones sit and have conversations. A nice patio has seats or couches where you can relax to talk, read or do some work in a nice environment. Our patio is used almost every day in the summer and trust me if I say it is one of the most important places to have a good lighting plan. There are lots of opportunities to lighten up your patio. I am talking about designer lamps or colorful ropelights. Everything is possible, it’s about the feeling you want to create.

Lights can make your patio really stand out to your visitors. It is important to make a plan of the feeling you want to create and choose your lights according to that. If you ignore that the full potential of your patio will never be reached and it might even let your patio become dull and boring. We don’t want that. It has to be a place where you get energy and good feelings. Online you see tons of patio lighting ideas. To make it easy for you I will talk about a few types of light bulbs and light ideas that might fit perfectly in your patio.

Choosing the right light bulbs

There are tons of different light bulbs designed specifically for a patio. There lights come in different styles and all the colors you want. I’ve seen patio’s with a lot of lights that destroyed the charm of a patio because there was too much light. My advice is; don’t get too excited. Calculate how much lights you need and if it’s not enough you can always go back and get some more. When buying light bulbs on a wire always check for faulty wiring.


LED in your patio might be a good idea. LED is vivid and cost efficient. It consumes less power than incandescent light bulbs. The downside of LED is that they are vulnerable to heating and overloading. LED is perfect for stringing them together. This way you can cover big areas with vivid light.

Incandescent light bulbs

These light bulbs give a soft and calming glow. It creates an ambiance that is suitable for relaxing and talking with relatives and friends. This is the sort of light I personally like the most for my patio. These light bulbs are available in many styles. They are design pieces one by one. Choose what you like and try some different styles. Don’t use LED and incandescent light bulbs together. This will create blur and will not be good for the overall feeling you want to create.

Incandescent Light Bulbs

String lights

You can’t go wrong with string lights. It may be the most easiest to use for your patio but they provide a nice and warm ambiance. They are safe to use and with incandescent light bulbs they are even better. You can get them in every color you want but personally I like the warm white/yellow lights the most.

Designer lamps

Now that you chose the light bulbs you want in your patio. It is time to check a designer lamp to match your patio. I selected a few designer lights that would be a great fit in your patio if you like warm light. You can use at your patio but if you want, you can also use them indoors, no problem.

Slide Cubo Outdoor

This is a floor lamp that you can use outdoors as indoors. It is a great ornament to put on your patio. It is a design lamp from designer Giulio Cappellini. This lamp can be used as a center piece. You can even use it as a small table. These cubes are limitless. You can put three on top of each other to get a pillar, or place them next to a wall, place them in the garden or maybe next to your swimming pool. A lot of things are possible with these cubes. Use your imagination.

The slide cubo outdoor is made of polyethylene – Cable mt.3 – Plastic base for floor fixing – height: 60 cm. If you want a great piece, this might be it. Click on the image below for more details for this lamp.

Moon Lamp

As the name would suggest; this lamp is designed to be like the moon. It is a great piece to put on your table at your patio. It gives a warm light and has a lot of detail on it. A great centerpiece and conversation starter. Just make sure you place it somewhere secure so it won’t fall. This moon lamp is perfect to place near your couche or chairs or in a dark corner of your patio. For more details, click the image below.

Proper patio lighting

In daylight you can have an awesome patio, but when it is getting dark, your patio won’t stand out with proper lighting. The right lights and fixtures will make your patio the place to be. The right lighting will upgrade your mood and feelings, also of your family and friends. Using lights as a centerpiece is a good idea. This way you save space and they look attractive. Try different styles and use your imagination. Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions about your patio lighting plan. I am happy to assist you.

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