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Decorative light bollards for your garden path

Outdoor lighting should be functional. But it can be decorative as well. The right outdoor lighting fixtures will turn your garden into a beautiful lit area where you and your loved ones want to hang out after dark. For safety it is important that you light up your paths. That’s where light bollards come into the picture. Light bollards are a very popular lighting solutions for garden paths. The right light bollards will also improve your garden aesthetics and will light in beautiful patterns all around your garden. The lights and shadows it creates could be described as artwork (Yes it goes that far!). The right light bollards will give your garden an upscale and elegant effect.

Where do I use light bollards?

Light bollards can be used anywhere in your garden. But, the best way to use them is along garden paths. Light bollards can be used both ornamentally as practically to guide visitors through your garden. You see them often along walkways and paths around buildings to provide guidance. Ofcourse the elegant ambiance they provide is the main reason they are placed. Most decorative light bollards are round or square and pole-shaped. They are easy to setup and there are so many styles and different sizes you can find the right match for your garden and personal taste.

Light bollard usecases

The most common usecases for decorative light bollards include:

  • Garden paths
  • Garden patio
  • Residential Walkways
  • Driveways
  • Parking lots
  • Sidewalks and other pathways

How do light bollards work?

The placement and used technology makes light bollards easy and safe. The most popular light bollards are Halogen and LED bulbs due to their efficiency and illuminating power. The fixtures are professionally designed to provide the best light at the spot you want. For every garden there are other types of light bollards that fit best. If you are not sure which ones fit best, just try some light bollards out and see for yourself.

Why buy light bollards?

There are different reasons why you should buy light bollards for your garden. First of all; light bollards are an attractive solution for your outdoor lighting plan. The right light bollards provide powerful and efficient outdoor lighting where you want it. It also increases property value in most cases. Light bollards are good for:

  • Improve property appearance
  • Increase property value
  • Provide light for safety
  • Provide light for accessibility
  • Create an inviting ambiance
  • Keep unwanted guests out

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